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illustrated Nothing and Nowness

en and tao inspired
koan, h
aiga / haiku, poetry, paintings, photos, graphics. 


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 meaningless words    what is now is simply that    a mink infested pool reflects the dead fish that are gone    

 karma and calmer   the dark sound of rainbow storm    buddha's new bronze footsteps  zen and the art of tao   

 as the sky begins to tremble    awesome organic colors   if a flower can't know its beauty   the symmetry of natural form    dead starlight on a clear night    long space changes    timelessness    

   mutuality   space and form illusion   ? self-deception   mandala in d  material existence is outside observation   transparency   the karma of subject-object  

  the warm shadow of melted summer snow    the dictionary of symbols   only this moment exists   some things these are stone   mantra's path  at dawn the bright cold night grows long   recycle

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including 30 derived from the original calligraphy of DuyViet

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